Valcom provides highly trained and capable linguists for employment in overseas operations. In association with our US based partner we have the distinction of being the vendor of choice for all Canadian linguistic (Pashto/Dari) resources employed in and providing direct and indirect support to Multi-Function Teams (MFT) in support Human Intelligence, (HUMINT) Collection Teams (HCT), HCT Operational Management Teams (OMT), Tactical HUMINT Teams (THT), Counterintelligence/HUMINT Analysis Requirement Cells (CHARC), Tactical Counterintelligence (CI) Teams, Prophet Teams and Provincial Reconstruction Teams (PRTs), as well as to Infantry units and interrogation teams performing counterterrorism and detainee operations.

Our linguists provide the following support:

  • Provide linguistic support for operations and interpret during interviews, meetings and conferences
  • Interpret and translate written and spoken communications
  • Transcribe and analyze communications
  • Perform document exploitation
  • Scan, research, and analyze foreign language documents for key information
  • Translate foreign language documents
  • Identify and extract information components meeting the essential information requirements
  • Provide input to reports
  • Provide operational linguist support to operations in Afghanistan
  • Provide cultural familiarization and intercultural awareness support services