Our Vision

Valcom Consulting Group Inc., is governed by its Vision Statement:

To be the service provider of choice for professional services in the markets that we serve.

Our Mission

Valcom Consulting Group’s commitment to its clients is based on a concept of total quality management, providing superior customer service and maintaining a high quality, mission-oriented and customer-focused core managerial and staff capability.  Company employees are focused on the following company mission:

To provide quality professional services at competitive rates that improve the performance and efficiency of targeted government departments and agencies, institutions and industry.

Our Employees

Our employees are the key to our current and future successes.  We attract and develop highly motivated and capable personnel who are dedicated both to personal advancement and to the attainment of Valcom’s objectives.

In partnership with our personnel, we have fostered a culture based on the core values of integrity, respect for the individual, excellence, accountability, customer success, innovation and teamwork.

Valcom’s highly skilled personnel are responsible for satisfying the daily needs of our clients and business partners.

Our Quality

Valcom is an ISO 9001 registered company, committed to providing a high level of customer satisfaction for all its products/services.