eLearning and Training

Valcom has recognized that over the past two decades, technology has brought about an abundance of change in personal lives and in the workplace. In an age when baby boomers are transitioning out of work and are being replaced by the Next Gens, Millenniums and Gen Z the philosophy of training and education of a workforce combined with the need to spend budgets more effectively has brought about a more fluid learning model that engages, interacts and is available 24/7. This evolving model exists in almost every geographical location around the world. Training is delivered using an online approach (computer based training) using the internet as the delivery medium or simply using a computer in a stand-alone configuration. This type of training delivery is commonly referred to as Computer Based Training (CBT), Distance Learning, Blended Learning and Online Learning, and in recent years, has become widely known as “eLearning”. It has become a globally prevalent concept in training, certification, and education across a wide gambit of industry and commercial areas of expertise as well as within numerous institutions of higher learning.

This new learning/training model is one of the fastest growing areas in private and public industry organizations. It provides companies with access to an affordable, easily manageable repository of reusable content that is aimed at providing new training; follow on training (continuation training) or conversion training. The challenges for many organizations is the creation of this training which could encompass converting current training manuals (page book format) to a media enriched digital publication or training packages, the creation of new training through a detailed needs and task analysis and then the development of courseware to support the need. These are crucial steps in the process that can either be a black hole (money pit) where the training never materializes or is ineffective or it can become the star of an organization where the return on investment is not only on the financial side – it is on the people end – better trained teams make for better organizations!

Valcom Consulting Group Inc. has been offering their client’s, access to this type of training and courseware development for the past decade. Valcom offers access to courseware development teams that are capable of providing complete solutions to satisfy all client needs related to the development, deployment and management of eLearning solutions.

To this end, Valcom provides the following services related to eLearning:

  • Learning Strategists/Advisors
  • Project Managers
  • Instructional Designers (Needs and Task Analysis)
  • Subject Matter Experts (Courseware Technical Advisors)
  • Learning Management System (LMS) Administrators
  • 3D Programmers              
  • 2D/3D Animators
  • eLearning Product Programmers 
  • Courseware Developers